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The Home Page
To access a Home Page for a course you have enrolled in, click on the name of the course whose Home Page you want to visit.
To work on the course, scroll down to the syllabus and click the lesson, assignment, or quiz you would like to work on. Or use the Home navigation menu on the left to select a lesson.
To view the Course Materials and Related Materials, scroll down to the appropriate areas on the page.
To visit the Message Board click the appropriate link from the navigation menu on the left.

Taking Lessons
Lessons are accessible from the Home Page. Select the lesson you would like to begin working on from the syllabus. Most lessons consist of multiple pages, and the page numbers will appear as links at the top and bottom of each lesson page; for example, a three-page lesson will display "1 2 3" at the top and bottom of each page, so that you can navigate easily between pages.
Sidebar text appears on the right-hand side of many lesson pages. This text includes extra notes, tips, or examples that your instructor finds useful or interesting.
Many lessons will have corresponding assignments that reinforce what you are learning. Some assignments may ask you to complete outside reading. You can communicate with your classmates and instructor about assignments (and anything else) on the course's message board.Some lessons have quizzes that are to be taken upon completing the lesson. Quizzes consist of any combination of multiple-choice, true/false, and short-answer questions. You can re-take a quiz as many times as you wish.

Course Materials
To find out what Course Materials are recommended for your course, go to the Home Page and scroll down to the Course Materials area.
If you'd like to purchase materials online, click on the retailer's icon below the image of the material.
If you have specific questions or comments about Course Materials, direct them to your instructor through the message board or email.

Message Board
Part of the benefit of ChildTraumaAcademy.com to you the student is the interaction you can have with others via the message board. The message board allows you to interact not only with your instructor, but also with your fellow classmates, by posting messages to an electronic "bulletin board". Everyone in the class has access to the message board and can browse through messages at their leisure. Use it to post comments or questions to the instructor or other students, share ideas, communicate about your learning experience, or discuss topics of the course with other interested students.

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