The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development
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The Brain's Building Blocks - The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development Quiz


1. True or False: The basic structural units of the human brain are neurons.

2. True or False: Glia are specialized cells that work to nourish, support, and complement the activity of neurons in the brain.

3. True or False: Each brain contains over a million neurons and a billion glial cells, all containing the exact same genetic material.

4. True or False: There are hundreds of "types" of neurons, classifiable by unique structural properties or by unique functional properties.

5. True or False: Glia comprise only five percent of the cells in the brain.

6. True or False: Some glial cells form myelin sheaths, which are fat wrappings (like insulation).

7. True or False: A single neuron or a group of neurons can send only one signal to another neuron or group of neurons at a time.

8. True or False: Neurons and glial cells are the "building blocks" of brain structure.

9. True or False: Specialized areas of close proximity between neurons designed for communication are called synapses.

10. True or False: A neurotransmitter is a chemical released from a neuron.

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