The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development
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Lesson 3: The Brain's Building Blocks

Assignment 3: The Brain's Building Blocks

Congratulations, you've just landed a job as a substitute teacher! You are about to teach Lesson 3 to a bunch of sixth graders who know absolutely nothing about the brain. Your agenda (since you are a new teacher and want to look good for the school principal) is to help your students ace the quiz for Lesson 3.

So, get out a piece of paper and a pen and write a mini-lesson that will enable your class to succeed. Explain what neurons and glia are and how they complement each other. Give the children the requisite information, in a format they can understand, to ensure that they all get A's on Quiz 3. (Don't worry about covering every scrap of material in the lesson. You simply want your kids to do well on the quiz.) Also, remember who your audience is (a bunch of wiggly 12-year olds). Make it interesting!

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