The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development
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Brain Organization and Function - The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development Quiz


1. True or False: There is only one medically recognized method for organizing the brain.

2. True or False: The brain consists of homogenous neuronal tissue.

3. True or False: The Triune Brain model recognizes the lower, less complex areas of the brain as similar in structure and function to the reptilian brain.

4. True or False: The brain has a hierarchical organization, from top to bottom, becoming more complex in the lowest regions of the brain.

5. True or False: Different brain areas and systems mediate different functions.

6. True or False: There are three cerebral lobes: the frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes.

7. True or False: Various functions, such as hearing, vision, speech, and executive function, are all associated with the cerebral lobes.

8. True or False: The temporal lobe is involved in complex aspects of learning and memory recall.

9. True or False: The thalamus, located in the diencephalons, is of great importance in both sensory and motor systems.

10. True or False: The brainstem is the "lowest" part of the brain and is divided into the midbrain, the pons, and the medulla.

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