The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development
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Beginning with the Brain - The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development Quiz


1. True or False: The average adult brain weighs less than a pound.

2. True or False: Human brains are programmed in a similar manner to animal brains.

3. True or False: The prime directives of the brain are survival, mating, and procreation, and protection and preparation of the young.

4. True or False: For 99 percent of the time that we have been Homo sapiens, our ancestors have lived in small groups where their lives were characterized by cooperative farming and animal husbandry.

5. True or False: Our sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) tell our brain both what is going on in the outside and the inside (physiological) worlds.

6. True or False: Sensory information from the external environment (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, gustatory) and the internal environment (e.g., blood glucose, arterial pressure, carbon dioxide levels) enters the central nervous system at the highest level of the brain, the neocortex.

7. True or False: At the heart of our survival neurobiology is the capacity to make and store internal representations of the external world. You know these internal representations as "memory."

8. True or False: The brains of both babies and adults deal with their experiences in the same way. All human brains need to sense, process, and store all incoming patterns.

9. True or False: The brain senses, processes incoming signals, stores elements of received information and input, and then acts on the incoming information. These are the four key actions of the brain.

10. True or False: The brain actually physically changes in response to experiences that it has processed and stored.

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