The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development
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Lesson 1: Beginning with the Human Brain

Assignment 1: Beginning with the Human Brain

First, check out this Web site: http://www.exploratorium.edu/memory/braindissection/index.html on sheep brain dissection.

Then, after spending some time looking at these dissection photos and thinking about how brains (either human or sheep) work, take out a piece of paper.

Begin by listing three things that you've learned about brains in this lesson. These items can be facts that surprised you, or information that contradicted something that you thought you already knew about the brain.

Next, I want you to think again about how the brain takes experiences and incorporates them into the structure and function of the individual's brain. What ramification does this have for people, especially children, who've experienced trauma? Why are children different from adults in this regard?

Lastly, is this information about the brain and memory helpful to you as you consider maltreated or traumatized children? Can you think of any way to harness this information to assist you in the care giving that you do?

Please post your thoughts on the Message Board.

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